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Pagans Against Abuse

Helping the Healing

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Pagans united to fight against abuse in all forms.

ReligiousTolerence.Org will give you the complete history of the word Pagan, as well as the well-accepted definitions of Pagan. For general purposes here, we will say that Pagan is a broad sweeping term used to embrace many beliefs that stand outside the generally accepted Abrahamic religions. This is including -- but not limited to -- Wicca, Witchcraft (in its many and diverse forms), Asatru (not to include racist views), Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto, Hindu, and many other misunderstood religions not listed here. While we do understand that many of these philosophies and religions would not normally be listed as "Pagan," and might even be offended by being included in this list, it is our desire to show a united front in the face of an otherwise uneducated world.